CTC Vision & Values

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Our Vision

  • Love Jesus

    Love Jesus With All!! Deut. 6:4-9, Luke 10:27

    • Devotion | Devote to a relationship with Jesus through but not limited to:
      • Loving Him with ALL.
      • Prayer
      • Fasting
      • Bible Reading/Study
      • Embracing His Truth.
    • Sacrifice | Be a Living Sacrifice for the mission of Jesus Christ through but not limited to:
      • Seeking God’s Kingdom First.
      • Placing God’s Will & Desires above my own.
      • Prioritizing God’s Dreams & Missions above my own.
    • Kingdom Action | I will involve myself with the Kingdom of God through but not limited to:
      • Serving in my Local Church.
      • Stewarding my Treasure, Time & Talent.
      • Attending more church than I miss.
      • Submitting to the Spiritual Authority that God has placed over me.
      • Choosing unity and peace above personal preference and feelings.
  • Disciple People

    We believe that Discipleship is a Core Commandment and Practice of the New Testament Church, our goal is to fellowship, educate and evangelize for this purpose. Acts 2:42, 1 Corinthians 11:1, Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:19

    • Fellowship
      • We will strive to build relationships through friendship and fellowship with individuals in the body of Christ.
      • We will strive to build relationships and reach those outside of the body through friendship and fellowship that they may be added to the Kingdom of God.
    • Education
      • We will be hearers of the Word. We will be doers of the Word. I will be learners of the Word. We will be teachers of the Word. Follow us as we follow Jesus.
    • Evangelism
      • We will do our part as harvest laborers whether it be planting seed through witnessing or watering the seed through prayer; knowing that God will give the increase.
  • Serve Others

    We believe that everyone has a purpose to serve in the Kingdom of God. We steward our Treasure, Time and Talent in order to serve others for Christ. 1 Peter 4:10-11, Eccl. 9:10

    Serve Others

    • We will be involved in Kingdom serving.
    • We will submit to training for Kingdom serving.
    • We will be accountable in my Kingdom serving,

Our Values

  • We Care about the KINGDOM therefore we will:

      • Love Jesus with All
      • Faithfully Attend Church
      • Give Sacrificially
      • Demonstrate Humility
      • Serve with Excellence
  • We Care about APOSTOLIC DEMONSTRATION therefore we will:

      • Praise Loud & Worship Deep
      • Operate in the Gifts of the Spirit
      • Exemplify the Fruits of the Spirit
  • We Care about APOSTOLIC DOCTRINE therefore we will:

      • Teach Foundational Truths
      • Live a life of Holiness through Separation
      • Practice Spiritual Disciplines
  • We Care about DISCIPLESHIP therefore we will:

      • Love Unconditionally
      • Develop Meaningful Relationships
      • Fulfill our Biblical Purpose
  • We Care about EVANGELISM therefore we will:

      • Be Ambassadors for Christ
      • Mobilize To Reach Our Communities
      • Take Spiritual Territory