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February 5, 2021, 1:36 PM

As I looked out across the spiritual horizon on this Friday morning it became clear to me that a “different” spirit has taken center stage for the time being.

In 2020 we fought long and hard with the spirit of Jezebel, the spirit of Ahab, Korah reared it’s head and the spirit of Hamaan sought to take out the church...

...but this one is fouler than ever before, it facilitates the coup, this one will turn brother against brother, saint against shepherd, it will seek to dethrone, to overthrow, to set itself up, to steal by deception & division thus seeking to cause division in the Kingdom and to sway by un-virtuous means... is born out of pure rebellion but “masks” itself in “faux wisdom” and “spirituality”.

It will imitate and speak as God but it is far from His will and heartbeat.

It is the spirit at the gate of churches, organizations and even worldly governments; As goes the natural so goes the spiritual.
(1 Cor. 15:46)

It’s the spirit that sits at the gate and speaks of the “need for change”, of the “deficiency” of the “Old Guard”, it twists the present situations until the listener blames the leader.

It starts it’s pseudo, sultry discourse with such words as “Friends, Saints, Kingdom-dwellers, lend me your ears”.

It points out unproven problems, false narratives born of false perceptions and pseudo prophetic

It stems from rebellion but it is recognized as vindication.

This spirit weaves it’s web through tales of betrayal, it makes those listening and following it feel pity, sympathy and that some grave injustice was done. It makes those hosting it feel worthy, justified and...well...right.

It’s voice is do I know? Because I have heard it’s whispers, I acknowledged it’s presence and I silenced it’s voice in my ears.

This is the spirit of Absalom, the thief of God-given kingdoms, thrones, titles and positions.

The Absalom spirit is the whisperer of seditions and the facilitator of insurrections.

This spirit is one in which the Lord will deal with in His own time and His own way...

...but we must be aware of its existence in our country and even in our ranks as Apostolic is my job to guard myself, my home and as a Pastor, my flock from the voice of this suffer it not.

As I stated before, this one is God’s to handle, and man may only strike at it IF God gives the charge...but it seems that He rarely does.

If I rise up to slay it I will enter rebellion and I will become an Absalom against my I wait on His word and if He is silent then this is NOT my fight...

...isn’t that how all spiritual battles play out though? Isn’t it in fact the battles that we jump into without God’s permission, those same battles that we either walk away in devastating defeat or we win them at the cost of bloody regret and poisonous rebellion.

God may in fact tell you to “cast down” Jezebel and then turn around and tell you to “be still” in the face of Absalom...just remember, God knows best...He supplies our weapons but at times He makes us unload them, put them in the safe and stand still to see the “Salvation” and “Vengeance” of the if He doesn’t give the charge then just “be still”’s not your fight.

This morning after prayer and while re-reading “A Tale of Three Kings” I saw this so clear in the spirit and I felt God bring me into alignment again...I do not have to war with the spirit of Absalom...I simply have to stay in Alignment with God, keep my spirit right, stay humble and make sure that I do not facilitate that spirit nor suffer it’s voice.

To the Pastor facing this spirit in your church, to leader facing this spirit in your position...stay strong in the Lord...only fight if He says fight...fight...if not then stand still because He's got this one.

To the believer that is hearing the sultry, evil voice of insurrection...shut it down, suffer it not claim it as your own...reject that voice and renew your mind in Christ.