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January 29, 2021, 12:18 AM

Hey all, I've recently RELOADED this blog, re-branded it and I'm looking forward to sharing articles and thoughts with those interested.

The idea of "RELOAD" comes from various things, two of which I'll mention:

The first being a firearm that has run out of ammo, it must be RELOADED in order to be of any should we RELOAD on a regular basis to be useful to the Kingdom and have our spiritual ammo at the ready in order to do "warfare" with the adversary. 

The second would be an electronic device that often times needs to be RELOADED in order for updates to be installed, corrupted files to be trashed and to reset certain should our minds be RELOADED or RENEWED that we may be running at the top-performance of our spiritual system.

I hope these blog entries can assist with "RELOADING" us in the Holy Ghost.

You can peruse through the older entries or read my latest "The Spirit of the Coup".

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