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June 8, 2016, 2:00 PM

The Beauty of the Battle


Define Definition: To determine or identify the essential  qualities or meaning of

Refine Definition: Remove impurities or unwanted elements from a substance,  to improve


Many times we find ourselves rebuking the Battles that enter our lives

We find ourselves looking for a way out of the Battle instead of pressing forward

We find ourselves looking at the Battle as a negative rather than a positive

May I offer this to you...there is a Beauty in the Battle

The Beauty of the Battle is that Every Battle Defines You and some Battles Refine yo

In the Word of God all of David’s battles defined or refined who he was 

David’s Battle with the Bear and the Lion defined him as a protector of something that did not even belong to him (His father’s sheep)

David’s Battle with Goliath defined him as a leader among men and a defender of the most High God

David’s psychological Battle with Saul defined him as a protector of God’s anointed and a man of great Character, it showed that he knew when to lay down arms and trust in God.

David’s failed battle with Lust which led to his adultery with Bathsheba and the premeditated murder of her Husband defined him as Weak in the area of Lust thus causing him to learn where his guard needed to be, it also showed him the forgiveness of a merciful God.

Every Battle that David went through defined him or refined him and he emerged a “Man after God’s own Heart”.

It defined him as to who he was and it refined him into who he would be.

It defined his life in the “here and now” or it refined his life by casting a light on those things that needed to be removed and improved for the future.

One could say that David’s life would have possibly been more peaceful without all of those battles.

Agreed but then what is Peace without Purpose.

David might have had Peace but he would have never found his Purpose.

David’s Purpose was to be the greatest King that Israel would ever have and a man after God’s own heart and every Battle he won showed that he had the Character of a King and the battles he lost refined the areas of his life that needed to be purified.

David’s Purpose was not only to be the greatest King of Israel, not only to be in the lineage of Jesus Christ but also to be one of the Greatest Examples of “humanity living a life for God”.

David’s purpose was not just for the time that he lived in, David's life would be forever immortal in the hearts and minds of all Christians to come after him.

David’s purpose was to encourage us, to show us how to forgive, how to treat those who treat us poorly, how to repent, how to war and how to seek “after” God’s heart.

So whatever Battle you are In, don’t rebuke it...embrace it for it may be that which defines and refines you.

Battles whether won or lost define and refine who we are and that definition and refining is for us and for those that come after us.

Someone is watching you war and they are learning from it, teach them right, show them victory...even in your defeats.

How is that possible you may ask...simple...

When you fall get back up and stay in the Battle.

When we lose a Battle it should cause us to look inside ourselves and define the areas that we are weak, the areas where we are unprotected, the areas where we are not allowing God to train us and grow us for war...this is when the refining process must begin...allow God to rid you of those things which are unfit for a Christian Soldier.

When we win a Battle it should cause us to look inside and define the areas where we are strong, the areas which we have protected, the areas where we have allowed God to train us and refine us for War.

The Beauty of the Battle is that every Battle defines or refines you.

Don’t Rebuke the Battle, Embrace It.

  • Allow God to train you for Battle.
  • Allow God to hone your Skills.
  • Allow God to shine a Light on your Weaknesses.
  • Allow God to trust you with the Battle.

Psa. 144:1Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: 

  • God is looking for Teachable Soldiers.
  • God is looking for Soldiers who will not run from a Battle but rather run towards it and meet it Head On...Win or Lose...Live or Die...
  • God is looking for Soldiers who will Mature in Battle thus knowing when to take up the sword and when to lay down the sword.

So whatever your battle... 

Whether it be physical, spiritual, psychological or emotional.

Whether it be some struggle with sin such as bitterness, fear, lust or doubt,

Whether it be the battle of feeling inadequate, having no self-control or friends and family betraying you.

Don’t rebuke the Battle.

See the Beauty of the Battle.

Trust God, Trust Your Training.

Don’t quit in the Battle.

Let the Battle Define You.

Let the Battle Refine You.

You will emerge better for it.