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April 15, 2021, 10:00 AM

God has recently spoken to our church that He has brought us INTO the Promised-Land that He has promised for many years...on that note I had some thoughts this here goes:

The Promised-Land isn't a "Relaxation Station" is in fact a "Harvest-field"...a place of "Labor".

There is still WORK to be done in the Promised-Land. The Promised-Land is NOT the place to SIGH and RELAX.

Rest in the Promised-Land comes from God...He is the rest wherein the weary SHALL rest...but God's rest and Man's methods of relaxation are two separate things...our ideas of relaxation will cause us to sleep the sleep of the World and we will LOSE the Harvest, but God's rest will cause us to be RENEWED and READY to get back to work. We must be careful not to SIGH and SIT DOWN in the Harvest but rather WORK and find God's Rest when He calls us to it!!

When a Church enters their Promised-Land it does not mean that the work is actually means that the REAL work, the REAL purpose is just starting!!

Before the Promised-Land it is "The Harvest In Our View"...we see it but we haven't touched it.

In the Promised-Land it is "The Harvest In Our Hands"...we see it and we now touch it. We POSSESS the Land thus we POSSESS the Harvest OF the Land.

We have a greater purpose because just because we POSSESS the LAND we still have to LABOR, we still have to CARE for the Harvest.

Another thing to note:

The Promised-Land doesn't mean "No More Battles" it simply means the Battle-ground and Battle-tactics change. We are not fighting FOR the Harvest...we are fighting FROM the Harvest.

It is a fight to KEEP rather than a fight to CLAIM.

Our enemy will also change tactics, instead of a Seducing Serpent we fight a Roaring Lion. He roars, bites, claws and tries to tear up what the church has entered.

If the church will STAY rooted and grounded in Biblical TRUTH, keep working the Harvest-field, fight to KEEP what your hands have TOUCHED...the Roaring Lion WILL NOT prevail against the Church in it's Promised-Land.

Before the Promised-Land we were on the DEFENSE and Satan was on the OFFENSE.

We were trying to GAIN territory and Satan was trying to KEEP. That's why he fought using SEDUCTION.

In the Promised-Land we are on the OFFENSE and Satan is on the DEFENSE.

We are fighting to KEEP and Satan is trying to GAIN and RE-TAKE. That's why he is fighting using BRUTE-FORCE.

We must keep the KINGDOM PERSPECTIVE because that is what will keep us working, fighting and keeping the PROMISED-LAND.

God BROUGHT us into the PROMISED-LAND and if we will do OUR part...He WILL do HIS part.