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CTC Purpose Statement​​​​​​

Our purpose is to continually see souls saved and grow CTC spiritually & numerically.

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  1. We Care about the KINGDOM therefore we will:

      • Faithfully Attend Church
      • Give Sacrificially
      • Demonstrate Humility
      • Serve with Excellence

  2. We Care about APOSTOLIC DOCTRINE therefore we will:

      • Teach Foundational Truths
      • Live a life of Holiness through Separation
      • Practice Spiritual Disciplines

  3. We Care about APOSTOLIC DEMONSTRATION therefore we will:

      • Praise Loud & Worship Deep
      • Operate in the Gifts of the Spirit
      • Exemplify the Fruits of the Spirit

  4. We Care about DISCIPLESHIP therefore we will:

      • Love Unconditionally
      • Develop Meaningful Relationships
      • Fulfill our Biblical Purpose

  5. We Care about EVANGELISM therefore we will:

      • Be Ambassadors for Christ
      • Mobilize To Reach Our Communities
      • Take Spiritual Territory